Todd Proa says whether you watch movies, television, or go for jogging at the beach, you are sure to come across guys with toned muscles and well-sculpted bodies. People have become increasingly aware of how they look and do not shy away from spending time in gym to work on their bodies. Todd Proa, a California based fitness consultant and gym owner, has been in fitness industry for over a decade and according to him the number of health conscious people has increased tremendously over the years.

He also reveals that weight training is very popular with men of all age groups as it is the best way to build muscles and increase fitness levels. If you are underweight or skinny, weight training is the most effective way to gain muscles and increase your body weight as well. Todd Proa says that weight training builds muscle mass and apart from helping in improving the looks, it also contributes to development of overall personality as it also increases confidence of a person.

Overweight men have also realized the benefit of weight training says Todd Proa. Earlier the people who were overweight considered walking or aerobic exercises sufficient to become fit, but studies have revealed the immense benefits of weight training to overweight people. Cardiovascular exercises help in reducing body weight but it is not possible to get in a good shape without weight training. Weight training helps in increasing your metabolism rate, toning the muscles, and increasing strength.

Todd Proa recommends that men in their 30s should include strength training with weights in their exercise schedule along with stretching and cardio exercises. The reason for this is that strength starts to decline slowly in the 30s and this decline becomes rapid after 60 years of age. By including weight training, you will not experience sharp decrease in your strength as you age. And also, the fitter you are the youngger and healthier you will look.