Assume about how considerably you browse about and commit on health and fitness.

Do you at any time physical exercise? Acquire health supplements? Go on a food plan? Visit the medical professional often? Most of us do all 4. And how a lot of textbooks, publications, tapes of video clips associated to health and fitness do you have in your household?

This is a colossal marketplace, and looks to be growing bigger all the time. This is notably true ideal now, as the infant boomers increase older and are wanting for means to keep and make improvements to their health.

Regardless of whether the matter is physical exercise, weight loss, prescription medicines or substitute solutions, there is a enormous desire not only for merchandise and expert services – but also for article content and promotional duplicate to promote those expert services.

Just do a few searches on Google.

A look for for the word “health” yields 615,000,000 final results.

“Health and fitness” yields 90,four hundred,000 final results

That&#39s more than 700 million web internet pages that have been written about health and fitness. It&#39s a phenomenal determine.

And every and every one particular of those internet pages had to be written by a person.

Now believe of all the publications that aim on health and fitness. The textbooks. The video clips. And all that promotion and immediate mail.

Do you get the concept? Right here is an marketplace that is consistently in need to have of writers.

Regardless of whether your fascination is in writing article content or in writing immediate marketing duplicate, you can be absolutely sure of locating work.

Your following action is to find the ideal niche. Which area in health and fitness ideal fits your passions and practical experience? What would you like to compose about?

And do you want to compose article content, or are you a lot more of a product sales man or woman … and superior suited to immediate marketing copywriting?

If you want to go where by the revenue is, I usually recommend the latter. Publish why? Due to the fact a excellent immediate marketing copywriter will usually be compensated a lot more.

Regardless of what variety of writing you want to do, take a appear at this marketplace. It is genuinely colossal, and provides freelancers with excellent prospects to find excellent work and make a respectable cash flow.