I have read many articles like "Before you hire a personal trainer read this" then the
Article goes on to give you different things to look for, and the # 1 is certification, well
What everyone should know, is that anyone who can read a book and retain information
Has become a certified personal trainer.

If you are fat you can become a trainer, if you smoke you can become a trainer,
If you are a boozer you can become a trainer.

So even though the person has no previous experience-they can take an online test and
Become certified to train you, what I want to know is this who you want training you?

Most people will become the trainers "test subjects" they have no real life experience,
They have no idea how to get someone into shape, so it does make more sense to have
Some one certified or experienced training you?

Go into almost any gym and you will see some bad trainers, also good trainers, but
The bad trainers out number the good trainers.

Personal trainers who do not live what they teach should be accused of themselves if they can not take control of their own life, how can they motivate you to better life.

If these trainers want to change peoples lives they should live this way too.

I personally seen people get certified that were fat, even seen one guy who could not
Even balance himself on one foot, yet they were certified as personal trainers- CRAZY.

Basically what I'm saying is certification is not always the answer, experience can go along
Way, if you find the right person.