Is Tabata Training The Best for Weight Loss ?

Tabatas are a very intense form of Interval Training. I use and believe in the Interval and Tabata training methods for Weight loss.

The long cardio sessions are usefull but take too much time (and are boring).

Yes I do believe Tabatas and Intervals are the best training you can do for fat loss and don’t discount the anaerobic benefits that you don’t get with spending an hour on an exercise bike.

But Tabata Training is a very advanced form of training. Warning!! if you want to try Tabatas they are not for the weak hearted or unconditioned.

If you are a beginner, Learn and start with interval training.

Start out slowly and gradually work into a full workout. As with any exercise program get a full physical check before you begin.

Combining a Weight Training program 3-4 days a week with Tabata’s and/or interval training 2-3 days a week ( combined with a solid nutrition plan) will get you in the best shape( aerobic and anaerobic ) of your life. Short intense workouts are the key.

Tabata Training, Weight Training and Bodyweight example workout:

Day 1 – weight Training and bodyweight ( exercises are shown done as complexes but can be done as singles)

1A) Barbell deadlifts 3-5 sets 3-8 reps

1B) Pushups 3-5 sets ( don’t go to failure on reps base your reps on your strength and conditioning)

2A) Dumbbell Clean and Press 3-5 sets 3-8 reps (clean the dumbbells before each Press)

2B) Mountain Climbers 3-5 sets (reps same as with pushups)

Day 2 Tabata Training and Interval Training ( If you are doing Tabata pick one exercise)

As an example:

1) Dumbbell Thrusts – 20 seconds on as many reps as you can rest 10 seconds – tabatas are done for 8 sets base your sets on your conditioning gradually work up to 8 sets.

Interval Training ( If your not in great shape start here)

1) Prisoner Squats 3-5 sets 5-10 reps

2) Burpees 3-5 sets 5-8 reps

3) Plank (30 second hold)

5) Jumping Jacks (5-10 reps)

I prefer to do 3 Weight training workouts a week and 2-3 Tabata or Interval workouts a week. That many workouts a week is for the well conditioned person. Adjust to your fitness level. For the ultimate and unconditioned go with 1 or 2 weight training workouts and 1 interval workout.

With any form of exercise you chose persistance and consitency are keys to success.

Tabata Training: Is Tabata Training The Best for Weight Loss ?